Service Options

Here at Paul Wilson Financial Services we offer all our clients two distinct service options, Problem Solving or Ongoing Planning.

Problem Solving

Our problem solving service is exactly as it sounds, where you need advice on a specific issue such as arranging a mortgage, making an investment or perhaps assessing the performance of your pensions or an existing investment. We as independent financial advisers then offer you our unbiased independent advice on the best solution for you going forward. Once we have your agreement we implement the solution on your behalf.

For the pure problem solving service we agree a one off form of remuneration either through commission, a fee or a combination of both and then after we have given our advice and carried out our suggested solution, we leave it with you to come back to us should you need to.

Ongoing Planning

If you opt for our ongoing planning service we will provide some degree of agreed ongoing monitoring of your finances this can either be the monitoring and further advice on a solution that we may have put in place using our problem solving service as above, or you may have chosen to engage us in full financial planning.

For our ongoing planning service we agree an ongoing regular remuneration package with you encompassing commission, fees or both. We agree a bespoke ongoing monitoring schedule to suit both your needs and pocket.

Most clients who engage us on an ongoing basis even if they originally contacted us for a problem solving exercise usually find that the full financial planning experience is the most beneficial.

For pensions and investments advice you are remunerated by means of a fee, which will be agreed with you before any work is undertaken.

For mortgages we can be paid by commission, or a fee usually £400.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep repayments on your mortgage.

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