Planning To Retire

Pensions and retirement are generally not a popular subject but unfortunately they could be a necessary one. If you intend to retire in your 60's it's perfectly feasible that you will need to have built up enough resource through pensions and investments during your life time to support you in the style to wish to be accustomed for 30 or even 40 years.

Think about that for a second that could be just as long as you worked.

As the state continues to review the state retirement age pushing it back later and later the emphasis falls on the individual to look out for themselves.

We can offer you an independent review of your current provision and provide analysis of what you need to do to retire when you want to on an income level that will allow you to sustain your current standard of living.

If you would like to discuss retirement provision and planning then please feel free to call or email.

Click here if you want to find out at what age you become entitled to the state pension. (This link takes you to a government website we are not responsible for the quality or accuracy of the content)

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